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110V Egg Hatching Machine 7 Eggs Automatic Temperature Control Hatchery Machine for Chickens Ducks Birds

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This 110V Egg Hatching Machine is a small, high quality, egg incubators combining ease of use and all-round visibility making them ideal for hobbyists, teachers, and small scale breeders.  The mini size with proportional electronic temperature control and manual turning can hold up to 10 hen eggs and is an ideal entry-level incubator or hatcher. 

Main Features:
  • 【Visible Designed】7 Egg Incubator is designed into visible style, allowing people to view the whole process of incubation. Easy to see the hatching condition, provide you visibility to monitor the hatching process, suitable for classroom experiments, hobbies, or a home-based hatchery.
  • 【Smart Temperature Control】 Egg Incubator Built-in temperature control system, convenient for you to adjust the temperature. Temperature setting can be used for different kinds of breeder eggs hatch.
  • 【Fast Temperature Sensor】 The accuracy is about + / - 0.01 degrees, mainly used for chick, duck, goose egg hatching, through the temperature and the incubation.
  • 【Widely Used】 It is widely used by home use or educational activities. This incubator also is a great ideal for hobbyists, poultry breeders, and farmers who seek to hatch eggs. Welcome and choose it!
  • 【High Quality】 It was made environmental protection plastic. Made of durable plastic,t is mini size but the really funny item, hatch 7 eggs together and witness the birth of life.

Please turn off power every time before opening the lid of the machine.
Please add water every one to two days, be careful not to drip the water onto the exposed electrics.
The eggs for hatching must be fresh, fertilized eggs, not washed.
Please gently turn the eggs manually no less than eight times per day in the first 18 days.
The hatching machine DOES NOT have the function of turning egg.

How to Use

  1. Energize the machine with an AC110V power source, and it will go operating mode, lighting the indicator Work on(the internal heater is working at this moment).
  2. Just add water before use.
  3. Preheating the machine for 10 to 20 minutes before hatching. Check that the controller is specified at 38℃. If not, refer to the temperature adjustment for details to adjust the machine temperature at 38℃.
  4. Check that both of the indicators light on during the preheating process.
  5. Disconnect the machine once the preheating process is completed. Put the water tray under the egg tray, and then place the fertilized eggs into the machine. Cover up the machine and energize it again.

Egg Capacity(pc): 7 eggs
Input voltage: 110v
Power(W): 20W
Adjustable temperature:20--50℃
Constant temperature precision: 0.5℃
Size: 18*18*17cm (7*7*6.7")
 Package Weight: 1.2 kg

Package Included:
1 x Egg Incubator