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110V Electric Scraper Handheld Magnet Wire Stripper Cutter Machine Scrape Paint Tool

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   Main Features:
  • Can be adjusted to adapt to a variety of enameled wire, comfortable and convenient, fast and curettage enameled wire insulation coating the surface, decontamination clean, smooth surface.
  • Easy to use: Its superior performance, completely replace the traditional manual working, sandpaper grinding wheel and the syrup to paint tools, such as corrosion, not only greatly improve the efficiency of its work, but also strong welding, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, transformers, electronics, household appliances, Coil electric tools, such as manufacturing and maintenance industry ideal enameled wire scraping paint equipment.
  • It sets no level adjustment electronic, electrical, and paint scraping blade as one, a lightweight, durable and micro-switches, scraping paint with fast, efficient, simple, stable performance, low failure rate, and a new layout and design of practical features.

Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Scraping diameter:0.3-3.00 mm
length: 2-50mm
Size: 250*50*50mm
Mode of operation: hand-held, to move the four keys, paint scraping
Output Speed 0 ~ 10000r/min
The speed of adjustment: step-less speed regulation

1. To be scraping the first Shenmue Turret central enameled wire, press the power switch activated, the motor rotation immediately.
2. The anti-enameled wire along the axial direction of movement, until the end of the enameled wire, the film can be removed.
3. Release the power button switches, the motor immediately stop rotation.

Package Included:
1x Wire stripper