12/24 Colors Paint Pens Sets Acrylic Paint Markers for Rock Painting Stone Ceramic Glass Wood Canvas

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12/24 Colors Paint Pens Sets Main Features:

1. Clarinet double-head pencil: Double-head design, bright color, wear-resistant pen tip, double-head design, new color

2. Fiber tip, wear-resistant and non-fluff

3. Double head design, thickness as you wish: draw and mark the line at the same time.Wear-resistant fiber tip, not easy to deformation, writing smooth and smooth

4. Rich colors: Accurate colors, covering a variety of professional application colors in design

5. Abundant refilling ink, strong writing endurance: upgraded filling ink, large weight, strong endurance, lasting writing painting

6. Soft tip: smooth in the water, bright color, not dizzy in water, lasting color

7. Abrasion resistance of the signature pen tip is not easy to break: high-quality abrasion resistance of pen tip is not impetuous, not between the color difference.

8. Safety, air vent: Anti-choking pen cap design, breathing after swallowing by mistake.


Specification: 12 colors, 24 colors

Packaging: Twill PP brand box

Pen tip: Double (thick/thin)

Pen tip diameter: 3.0mm thick tip / 0.4mm thin tip

Length: 167 mm

USES: signature, student drawing, professional drawing, animation, clothing, and engineering design

Pen holder material: PP

Pen tip material: fiber + copper tip

Size: 16*17.6*1.3cm (12 colors), 32.1*17.6*1.3cm (24 colors)

Package Included:

1 x Paint Pens Sets