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12V 600A Car Jump Starter LED Power Bank Emergency Charger Battery Starting Device For Petrol/Diesel Car

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 12V 600A Car Jump Starter Descriptions:
1. Advantages: auto double start, DO anti-reverse connection, USB quick charging, low-temperature starting, emergency lighting, large capacity, intelligent protection, safety hammer
2. Applicable models: sedan, off-road, business, electric vehicle, motorcycle, van, pickup truck, 12V truck
3. Simple operation
4. Three types of lights: lighting, flash, SOS

Smart battery clip:
1. Prevent short circuit: if the positive and negative terminals of the starting power are clamped together, the power will be cut off automatically
2. Anti-reverse charging: when the positive and negative terminals of the starting power are clamped together, the power will automatically be cut off
3. Anti-reverse connection: when the positive and negative terminals of the battery clamp are connected in the opposite direction, the power will be automatically cut off and the alarm will be given
4. Over-discharge prevention: when the starting power is too low, the smart clip will remind to prohibit the operation
5. Anti-overcurrent: if the starting current is too large, the operation will be terminated to protect the power supply and the car

Power supply:
1. Anti-reverse protection: anti-reverse interface design, to ensure that users do not reverse plug power +- pole, safer to use
2. Short circuit protection: add safety device, automatic protection in case of an abnormal short circuit, prevent the damage of motherboard battery
3. Overcharge protection: the system will shut down automatically when the starting power supply or the starting power supply is supplied to the intelligent end for a long time
4. Constant current protection: intelligent real-time monitoring of the output current, when the output current reaches a critical point, active shutdown of the output
5. Voltage regulation protection: when the intelligent cell detects the fluctuation of input or output voltage, it will conduct voltage regulation to ensure the constant output voltage.
6. Over-discharge protection: when the intelligent battery detects the excessive discharge of the power supply, it will actively shut down the output to ensure the safety of the power supply
7. Temperature protection: when the intelligent battery detects the fluctuation of input or output temperature, it will automatically cool down.
8. Magnetic field protection: add magnetic field interference elements, which can also be used normally in large magnetic field scenes
9. Polymer lithium: high safety

Product name: Car jump starter
Model: JX27
Color: yellow, red 
Specification: American standard
Applicable model: petrol car 6.0l/diesel car 5.0l 
Charging time: about 2-3 hours
USB interface: 4 interfaces 
Working temperature: -40 - +80°C
LED display: power/voltage/input/output 
Battery capacity: 20000mAh
Peak current: 600A 
Vehicle starting voltage: 12V
Charging input voltage: 5V/1A 
USB output voltage: 5V/1A/2A
Cycle life: about 3000 times
Size: 27.5*23.6*5cm 
Weight: 1.1kg

Package List:
1*Car jump Starter
1* In-Car Cigarette Charger
1* Home charger
1* 1 to 4 mobile charger
1* Smart clip battery clip
1* Instructions

Warm tips:
1. It takes about 3 hours for the product to be fully charged. Please turn ON first and then charge the product.
2: when starting the car, you need to turn the switch to OFF before starting the car.
3: the doubling of peak 600A is 60C. It can start gasoline cars with displacement below 6.0 and diesel cars with displacement below 2.0 (except cars with aging engines).
5. Since the product has been unused for a long time, it is recommended to charge it once every 3 months.
6: the product should be placed at room temperature, which is beneficial to the service life of the product.

Special precautions for the use of portable power supply
1, when starting the car to put the blue plug into place, or it will affect the effect.
2. When starting the car, the blue power indicator should be more than 60%, so as to extend the service life of the product.
3, if the car can not start do not force to continue to start, to check whether the battery clamp is clamped, the original car battery head is rusty, dirty. Restart after cleaning.
4. In the process of starting, if the vehicle cannot start all the time (1-2 times), do not continue to start forcibly. Further check whether there are any other faults, or the fuse will be burned out and the starting power will be damaged
The phenomenon of the source.
5: when starting the car and using the clamp port to use the air pump and other on-board electrical appliances, you need to turn the switch to OFF.
6: if your car exceeds the number of product A, the power supply will play an automatic power-off protection function during the process of starting the car. If you plug in the charger and reactivate it, you can use it normally.
7: if the car is fed with electricity and there is no electricity at all, the car power clip can be directly clipped on the positive and negative poles of the car to start. If the car is in the case of electricity, remove the positive pole and put the clip Clamp on the iron, the negative electrode clamp on the negative electrode. Can start.
8. To start the car for the first time, you need to discharge the battery in the product, then plug in the charger to charge, and then start the car.