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12V Ultrasonic Inverter 735MP Electro Fisher Fish Machine

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Main Features:
  • High power pure copper transformer.
  • Long working hours, you can freely adjust the frequency of the electric field according to size
  • Intelligent pulse, high / low frequency control knob
  • Multi-position adjustment make the product also a suitable tool in many waters.
  • Performance: all models are strictly by performance, floating fish, tension, in strict accordance with the product set production and sales.
  • Protection: water protection, over temperature protection, over-current protection, under voltage protection, etc., greatly extending the life of the machine, at the same time better protect your personal safety.
Brand: SUSAN-735MP
Input Voltage 12 VDC Nominal Range (10-14 VDC)
Input Current 5-50 Amps (operating 10-30 Amps)
Output Voltage 1000 V Max (550v-inverter and doubled in impulse to 1000v max)
Output Power: 600 watts maximum (in peak) (operating 100-400 watts)
Output Frequency (5-100) Hz in 1 Hz steps
Output duration (30 microseconds - 2.5 milliseconds)
Weight 1.1 KG (no battery)
Dimensions 200 mmx110mmx60m
you need to configure the Battery by yourself:
Battery 12 v DC 20AH-36AH
Battery > 20 Ah (About 1 to 2 hours)

Package Included:
1x SU-735 MP Ultrasonic Inverter ( battery is not included)