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2.4W Solar Fountain Water Pump with Battery and LED Light for Bird Bath Garden Pond

600mAh Battery, LED Light
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Products Description:

Our 2.4W Solar Fountain Water Pump built-in high-performance polymer lithium battery, which improved the current market solar floating fountain pump only spray water when the sun is strong. It can work for 4-6 hours after the battery is fully charged, and spray water while charging during the day. The built-in water level monitoring system can automatically stop working when the bottom sensor does not touch water to prevent the idling of the water pump from having a greater impact on the life of the product, etc. Add night mode, when the solar panel cannot sense sunlight, it will start night mode, The LED light and the water pump work simultaneously for 4 hours.

Product performance:
Water spray height: 30-70cm, the height of water spray will be different if different nozzles are connected. When the solar panel receives sufficient sunlight, the water pump will start within 3 seconds.

1) Assemble the product according to the schematic diagram.
2) Place the solar panel in a suitable place to ensure that it is not blocked by other objects. When the solar panel receives sufficient light, the water pump works normally.
3) When the water pump is just put into the water, there is air in it, which may affect the spray effect. It is recommended to wait for the water pump to spray normally before connecting the nozzle.

1. The pump must be completely immersed in the water, and it cannot be dehydrated for a long time. When the water pump is just immersed in water, because there is air in the water pump, it is recommended to wait for the water pump to spray normally before inserting the nozzle.
2. Please keep the water source clean and clean the water pump regularly to prevent foreign matter from being sucked in by the water pump and causing the water pump to fail to work normally.

Solar panel specifications:
Rated voltage: 10V
Rated power: 2.4W
Material: Monocrystalline silicon, Epoxy

Pump specifications:
Working voltage: DC 10v
Working current: 135 mA
The highest head: 120CM
Maximum flow: 210L/H
Pump life:> 20000 hours
Pump noise: <45DB

Battery specifications:
Voltage: 7.4V
Capacity: 600mAh

Package Size:
Outer box size: 520*412*390mm 
Inner box size: 196*185*49mm 
Unit weight: 430g