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2.6L Oil Free Automatic Electric Fryer 360° Hot Air High-speed Cycle Heating Fryer Machine For Home

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2.6L Oil Free Automatic Electric Fryer Main Features:
1.Safety: Set with the function of fuse over-temperature protection, Manual reset thermostat protection and break when taking bucket electric protection, it is safe.
2.Health: 360°hot air high-speed circulation heating, air can replace hot oil, no fat frying without frying, Using the excess oil forced by the ingredients themselves to achieve the frying effect, efficiently reduce fat and oil, and lock the moisture and nutrition of the ingredients.
3.Energy Saving: With 200°high-temperature degreasing, it can meet cooking time and temperature requirements, fast energy saving.
4.Easy to Clean:  It is easy to clean with the disassembled inner pot
5. Fast heating and uniform heating: It ensures that the temperature in the pot rises rapidly with the nine-leaf fan and the surrounding air guide groove.
6.Durable: Electric Fryer has longer service life with acid and alkali corrosion resistance.
7. Applicable to all kinds of food: vegetarian food,meat, seafood products, desserts and bread.

Weight:5 KG
Material: Non-stick coating

Package List:
1× Air fryer
1× Instructions
1× Recipe
1× Reserved repair
1× Certificate of conformity