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220V 200W Adjustable High Speed Emulsifying Homogenizer 20000rpm Magnetic Stirrer for for Lab

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High-speed disperser, also known as high-speed homogenizer with suction-type homogenate structure, high speed can be carried out on the immiscible two liquids between efficient homogenization, emulsification, and trace organic compounds in water, fat-soluble organic solvent solubility Extraction of substances. For a variety of animals, plant tissue can achieve the purpose of homogenization and mixing. It can break down the cell membrane to the nuclear separation and can be used at different speeds to break the DNA strand or macromolecule material broken into small molecules. Low speed can be used as a stirrer.

Main Features:
  • Electric Overhead Stirrer Mixer is an essential tool for petroleum, chemical, medical, environmental, biochemical laboratory, analysis room, and education department.
  • ✔Magnetic Stirrer Can be used for the extraction of trace organic compounds, fat-soluble, organic soluble, and soluble substances in water.
  • ✔Equipped with 5 seconds continuous multi-pole timer to facilitate the user to accurately grasp the crushing time and adjust the speed of crushing.
  • ✔Efficient dispersion and emulsification between two liquids that are insoluble in organic and aqueous phases.

Voltage:220V 50Hz
Continuously working: <5 Mins
Glassware capacity:5ml,10ml,15ml,20ml
Single throughput:10-1000ml
Tool length:120ml
Large Blade:18mm
Small blade:12mm
Maximum speed:
Small blade:20000rpm
Large Blade:19000rpm

Package Included:
1 set of Homogenizer(Glass Cup not included)