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220V 4K Professional Microcentrifuge Mini Laboratory Centrifuge 4000rpm

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The centrifuge has the appearance of new, small size, lightweight, simple operation, stable, easy to use features. A centrifuge is a machine that can be driven by an electric motor or other machinery to rotate at a high speed, generating a centrifugal force thousands of times the force of gravity to speed up the settling speed of particles in the liquid and separate substances with different settling coefficient and density mass in the sample.

This 4K Professional Microcentrifuge only supports 220V.

1. Extraction of serum.
2. Extract the supernatant in the sample.
3. Subside the sample rapidly.
4. Separate micro blood corpuscle.
5. Dispose of microorganism sample.
6. PCR test centrifuge.

Main Features:
  • Motor with ball bearings, Germany imported the brushes and commutator.
  • The instrument is mainly applied to 2mL, 1.5mL, 0.5mL, 0.2mL tubes and 0.2mL* 8 continuous centrifuge tube.
  • Use flip switch function, a closing lid that turn, openings that stop, easy to operate!

1. Input Voltage: 220V
2. Power: 30VA
3. Speed: 4000 r/min
4. Working Noise: 48dB
5. Dimensions: 19×19×12.5cm
6. Weight: 2.1kg
7. Capacity: 0.2mL*6/0.5mL*6/1.5mL*6/2mL*6/0.2mL*16 (standard bar rotor)

Package Included:
1* Mini Centrifuge