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220V PU Round Belt Welding Machine Polyurethane Belt Hot Melt Machine with Transmission Belt Connector

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  • PU round belt welding machine is a device that maintains a constant temperature by heating to a certain temperature.
  • This device is easy to use and easy to operate, very stable effect is good, bonding belt forming effect fast, the belt will not break. not hot, easy to use.
  • Fit for PU V-belt, PU Pentagonal belt, PU round belt, PU tube, Plastic strips and other products can be easily melted.
  • The temperature of the equipment is usually between 150℃ and 300℃

  • Voltage: AC 220V/50HZ
  • Power: 150W
  • Temperature range: 150°C-350°C
  • Weight: 2KG

How to use the adapter:
The belt to be connected is fixed in the groove (usually V, O-groove) below the aluminum fixture (the clamp main refers to the gasket and nut). Specifically, remove the nuts on both sides of the nut and nuts (depending on the diameter of the belt, if the belt can be inserted directly into the groove, do not remove the nut and gasket), the belt into the groove, the gasket and Nuts re-fixed in the groove above the sides of the plywood in a parallel state, the spacing is about 2cm or so is appropriate (can be placed in the middle of the thermostat heater)
Tips: PU round with a small diameter of the polyurethane belt, please put the round belt on the top of the tank there, so that the round belt 2 connector alignment, then the larger diameter of the round belt or red polyurethane ribbons please put the bottom The inside of the groove! The The
Will be heated to the constant temperature heater (the best temperature of the belt connection at 160-180 degrees), the fixed belt heating (the premise of the heat belt can not be bubbles, otherwise affect the connection effect), and then docking, the fixture Manual clamp nut tightened to the belt docking firm;
Belt docking to complete, to be completely cooled after the removal of the belt scraping, leveling.

Package Included :
  • 1X connector
  • 1X soldering iron
  • 1X scissors