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3 In1 Electric Ozone Generator Massage Comb Pet Massage Deodorant Hair Comb Pet Odor Eliminator Brush

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3 In1 Electric Ozone Generator Massage Comb Descriptions:
This pet comb can massage, deodorized, brushed hair comb, which can solve your hair and remove the odor of the trouble.  It is very easy to carry and clean.

Quickly generate ozone through the plasma ozone ceramic chip and reach the pet skin. Due to the strong oxidation and catalysis of ozone gas revealing the plot, It can make proteins of viruses, bacteria, and fungi dissociate and degenerate, reduce the activities of nucleic acids and enzymes, and thus play a bactericidal and bacteriostatic effect. Keep your pet free from germs.

Main Features:

1.Ozone deodorant sterilization, safe no radiation, no mercury harmful substances, let you and your pet no distance

2. Release pressure massage, green harmless, antibacterial deodorant, prevent skin diseases

3. Massage silica gel soft comb can be disassembled and cleaned and can be updated for comfortable soft tooth massage

4. Ozone and hydrogen produce harmless gas can remove the pet's peculiar smell, ozone sterilization, green and efficient

5. Switch button. Press the button to switch. The green light shows that the battery is in operation, and the red light shows that the battery is low and needs to be charged

6.Type-c charging port, 400mah battery capacity, one charge, can work for 30 hours


Material: ABS.

Battery Capacity: 400mah

Self-oxygen Power: 0.2W

Ozone Parameter: 1.5-3mg

Ozone Deodorization Standard: Q/HKN2-2019

Packing Size: 22.5 * 5 * 4.5 cm

Weight: 0.16kg

Package Included:

1 x 3 In1 Electric Ozone Generator Massage Comb