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3 Packs Plant Covers Garden Winterize Cover Freeze Protection Plant Blankets for Winter Frost Protection

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Our winter plant protection covers are made from polypropylene fabric used to protect against frost, and they are also effective in reducing the intensity of the sunlight. It is also can be used as plant covers for animal protection and sun protection.

Main Features:
  • 【Best Protections Blankets for Plants & Trees】 Extra Stable Plant Blanket creates and retains warmth while protecting against frosts (down to 24 degrees F.), harsh weather, birds, animals, and insect. The fabric thick fabric is ideal for extending the growing season into early spring and late fall, or for insulating strawberries, herbs, perennials, small fruits, and other tender landscape plants all winter long.
  • 【Strong & Durable Reusing Plant Covers】Our plant cover really works great in the heavy and dusty snow area due to its high quality. It is very easy to install and cover your plant without waiting for your time much. More than that, it is lightweight enough for allowing air, water, moist to reach your plant personally as well as not harmful to its growing process. Just like the other plant cover, it is made of polypropylene fabric, but it is UV stabilized and reusable more than the other plant covers
  • 【All-Purpose Garden Plant Cover】This Floating Row Cover is a polypropylene garden covers that transmits 70 percent of available light. It keeps heat in, bugs out, and is an excellent windbreak for young transplants. It allows rain and overhead irrigation to reach plants and soil. Secure with ground stakes (sold separately).
  • 【Rectangular Plant Cover】 The fabric can be cut with scissors to fit over conventional-width rows or used as-is for wide-row plantings. When not being used, the material should be folded and stored away from the sun and moisture. Against freeze, frost, and other cold-weather during winter, but also can protect your plants from strong sun, insect, and birds during spring and summer.

The plant covers freeze protection can be used in many ways:
※Protect plants from cold and wind
※Block sunlight away from your plants
※Keep soil and plants from overheating
The plant row covers is easy to use:
1. Drape the plant covers right over garden plants
2. Or use hoops or a wooden frame to support it.
Remember to secure the edges of the fabric with soil or use earth, Staples.
When to Put on and Take off Frost Plant Covers
Place frost plant covers over the plants before sunset so you can capture the ground heat, which will slowly re-radiate beneath the frost blanket during the night. The next day, once temperatures rise above freezing, remove the plant row covers so the sunlight can reheat the ground. Dry the plant covers out before reusing them if they become wet. You can layer plant covers, depending on the degree of cold expected.


Performance: Antifreeze, heat preservation, waterproof, air permeability and anti-aging

Color: White

Material: non-woven pp polypropylene

Packaging: OPP bags

 Product Size: 

2.5* 7.5m: Size: 35*26*7CM 

3* 9m: Size: 43*27*8CM

3* 15m: Size: 45*35*13CM

Package Included:

1 x Garden Winterize Cover