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3000W Power Filter Purifier Lightning Protection Extension Socket with Voltage Display

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1. The newest embedded square LCD display table headers, so that the sewing machine looks more compact, avoiding accidental collision damage to the table header, voltage direct intuitive reflect. More detailed shell process for aluminum panel drawing process, more stylish, shiny appearance. Internal process on all models more excellence, this is definitely a good partner Hi-Fi.
2. A unique patented non-inductive filtering, traditional inductive filtering component, not only can effectively eliminate interference and noise in the network and can be reduced to a minimum, and you can make the Hi-Fi, AV audio music signal transmission faster, music better low-frequency response, AV, Hi-Fi music, amp frequency response and sound field level, detail-rich, low bass; in Visual, auditory system can be enhanced analytical capacities, dudie allows the stereo image layering better, reduces coloring (color purity), removal of background noise pitting (improving clarity) can get good results, so you get the perfect effect!
3. 3000W strong load power, together with its two-inductor-current filter, can easily bring all kinds of HiFi, AV equipment, 27 to 50-inch large color TV, three shots projection, LCD rear projection, high-power amplifier and various theater equipment.
4. Made of imported high-quality components common mode, differential mode AC power supply filter, with surge surge absorption, l ightning, the current automatic circuit overload protection. Analog output with professional-level AC voltage meter header, filter output at any time direct the level of AC voltage 220V to audiophile level of the output voltage will be adjusted to your sound system the best audio and visual effects.
5. Filter internal material examination: imported power cable, shielded metal in fever-Germany-jamming WIMA MKP capacitors, German professional filter capacitor.
6. 16A surcharge short-circuit protection.
7. 6 senior gold-plated Plug Universal Socket (commodities), 4-bit high-quality imported American standard soft-shoe routine outlet.
8. Filter 10 output sockets each outlet has filtering-jamming capability, to the left of the 5-bit output socket separate switch control for AV amplifier, merge, plain after PA, defeating the pot machine or other purposes. 5-bit output socket on the right side of a separate switch control for CD, DVD, LD, TUENR (Coordinator), the former PA, aux socket), etc.
9. Output power for the 3000W.
10. Innovative ground, the line (FireWire) automatically detect whether the circuit that can detect your wall outlet is grounded, zero line and the line (FireWire) is reversed, and indicated on the dial.

Main Features:
1. The design uses four American special-purpose powerpoint.s and six multipurpose PowerPoint., meets the different need.
2. Uses the high-quality high-purity copper wire, reduces the transmission loss, enhances the energy the supplies speed.
3. Uses the specialized level PowerPoint., the sheet copper is thick, the elasticity is good, the contact is close, decreases the
electronic contact effectively the electric current reflection and the loss, this is also the acoustic fidelity good important
guarantee, ad hoc voltage dial gauge.
4. Uses the high-quality electric capacity filter, music smooth insightful, the sound field is good.
5. Uses removable -like the power line, momentarily may according to own individuality promotion.
6. Has anti-radar and the overflow protective device, the use of security.

Rated voltage: 100V-240V
Maximum load power: 3000W
Maximum current: 15A
Color: Black / Silver 
Size: 332*132*112(H)mm
Weight:2.5 kg

Package Included:
1 x Power Purifier
1 x Power Line