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4-20mA Signal Generator Calibration Current Voltage Thermocouple

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  • You can make this signal generator to do auto increased/decreased output. There have two modes. Mode One: Set a period and start/end value of output. The output will be automatically linear increased from the start value to the end value and linearly decreased from the end value to the start value in a period. The auto increased/decrease output will be repeated as many times as you want. Mode Two: Advanced setting, the changing of output is determined by more parameters.
  • Type One: After setting the starting point, ending, and cycles the equipment can start working.
  • Preset Values: You may need only several fixed values of output in your daily work. The product allows you to customize 9 presetting values for you to quick output. Converting Signal: Input can be converted into another kind of output. For example, Input Hz signal, then convert them into the current output.
  • Real-time Curve: The input/output changing can be displayed as curves. You can set the capture period and zoom in the curves according to the max and min.
  • Mainly used for industrial and process calibration instruments ready PLC electric valves and other debugging.
  • Display as Range/Actual Value: For example, 4-20mA corresponds to 0-100, then 4mA corresponds to 0, 12mA corresponds to 50, 20mA corresponds to 100. You can vary correspondence between actual value and range.

Color: Yellow
Frequency: 0-999Hz

Quick master the operation of Smart you need to learn the next four-point.
1. Read “Instrument Brief Introduction” and “Technical Parameters” to know the main functions and signal types of the Smart.
2. Basic operation: how to choose the signal type and signal mode. For example, If choose to output millivolt which is one of the signal types, and TC is one kind of millivolt, then millivolt and all kinds of TC are the signal mode.
3. Basic operation: Enter menu.
4. Basic operation: Set parameters of image controls

Package Included:
1x MR9270S signal generator
1x 10A / 4MM test clip (black)
1x 10A / 4MM test clip (red)
1x 10A / 4MM test clip (blue)
1x 10A / 4MM test clip (yellow)
1x Charger
1x USB cable
1x RS485 Communication cable
1x RS485 Adapter
1x Portable bag
1x User Manual
1x Certificate