400W Halogen Beam Heater Coffee Heater Stainless Steel Syphon Coffee Heater Maker

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This 400W Halogen Beam Heater generate more consistent heating resource over an alcohol lamp or butane burner.

Main Features:
  • 1. This product has no radiation, no open flame, and no smoke. It is suitable for coffee shops, hotel kitchen, and household coffee drinks.
  • 2. Five gears are adjustable. Each gear has a temperature setting value. When the automatic setting value is reached, the power will be cut off automatically, and when the temperature is less than the setting value, the power will be turned on automatically.
  • 3. Stable constant temperature, 400W halogen lamp can maintain a constant temperature after heating, avoiding excessive extraction due to high temperature, causing bitterness of coffee to affect the taste.
  • 4. Microcrystalline panel, heat-resistant up to 750℃, explosion-proof, safe, and beautiful.
  • 5. Non-contact heating, infrared light waves, lasting stability. Enjoy low carbon, environmentally friendly, and high-quality life.

1.Input voltage:110V

Package Included:
1 x Coffee syphon Halogen Heater(Siphon pot not included)