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560W Compact Garbage Disposer Powerful Home Disposer with Air Switch for Kitchen Food Garbage

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Products Description:

Fine Grinding System:Say Goodbye to Clogs and food garbage. This technology of six levels fine grinding system reduces food waste by repeatedly breaking down food scraps into smaller particles. Even melon rinds ,seafood shell  bones don't stand a chance.
Quiet but Powerful: This innovative food waste disposal features noise reducing  double mute technology.
Space Efficent, Durable Components: Perfect for small households or houses with restricted cabinet space, this garbage disposal easily fits under your sink & features alloy stainless steel components with a  Liner for the highest durability.
Upgrade Your Kitchen: The design and beauty of your kitchen has evolved. Why not complement it with our most advanced line of garbage disposals available. Engineered to handle tougher food scraps -- and do it more quietly than ever .

Installation instructions before purchase

1. The user can measure the water outlet by himself using a ruler to confirm whether the diameter reducer needs to be installed;

2. If the size of the drop port conforms to the national standard size (inner diameter 90mm, outer diameter 114mm), there is no need to install the reducer;

3. If the inside diameter size <;90mm, does not meet the installation requirements;

4. If the inside diameter size is greater than >;90mm, you need to buy another reducer

Grinding grade: 6
Motor: DC permanent magnet
Power: 560 w
Control switch: wireless control switch button
Overload protection: Yes
Dishwasher interface: Yes
Cavity volume: 1200ML
Products Weight:6.10KG  
Package Included:7kg
Products Size:380 X210MM 
Cavity Volume:1200L   
Package Size:314*234*25mm

Package Included:
1 x Garbage Disposer