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5in1 360 Degree Swive Heat Press Machine for T-Shirt Mug Hat Plate Cap Pattern Printing

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Note: the phenomenon of "Empty Burning" is prohibited in the course of use. "Empty Burning" means that the machine is heating up all the time, but there is no cup in the machine. "Empty Burning" will cause the machine to be in a state of high temperature and blistering damage to the heating pad. This phenomenon needs to be avoided.


1 Our digital rotary arm thermopresses are ideal for many flat surface items such as fabrics, metals, wood, ceramics and glass.There's no limit to creating your own custom T-shirts, mousepads, hats, tote bags, cups, license plates, and many other unique and fun items!

2 360 degree full rotation, professional swing rod design, removable silicone pad and cotton pad, 4/5 "thick heating plate to help direct pressure, even pressure.Completely customize the product you need

3 Digital LED controller, non-stick surface with separation upgrade aluminum alloy bracket.The temperature range is 0-500°F(0-260 ℃), 0-999S timer control, the temperature is kept constant after reaching the preset time, the design is ingenious, safe and reliable

4 This 5 "1" multifunctional hot press includes a 15 "x 15" press, a 6 "x 3" cap/cap press, a 6 and 11 ounce cup press, and a 5 "(1) and 6" (2) flat press

5 Quick installation and service.With the manual, easy to operate and install, 10 minutes can be used;Lifelong service, free of worry shopping experience, product defects, free replacement is guaranteed.

Main Features:

Rocker arm design

The rocker arm rotates 360 degrees to safely move the heating element to the side, reducing the chance of accidental contact. A smaller, more portable version of our popular swing arm hot press.

Built-in LED screen and timer

Digital time display, electronic pointer time controller.

Time and temperature control

Added automatic count button and automatic clock alarm. The visible digital time display will be the prefect assistant during your work.

High-quality aluminum spring press bar

Light aluminum replaces the traditional solid steel welding frame. The spring press lever is easy to use and easy to operate.

The scratch resistance

Pressure-regulating handle

A Pressure-regulating handle is adopted for safety and labor-saving. It is very sturdy and well made, which means it will help you in your work for a long time

Temperature and time setting process:

1, The choice of temperature unit: the machine defaults to Fahrenheit, if you adjust the temperature unit, press "+" and "-" for 5 seconds at the same time, the display page jumps, then press the "MODE" key, the second line of the display screen appears" F "or "C" letter, and then press "+"  or"-" to choose the temperature unit, "F "represents Fahrenheit," C "represents Celsius. Once selected, press the MODE key to return to the initial boot state, and the temperature unit will be set. 

2, temperature and time number setting: select the button "MODE" once, the SET light is on, start to set the lowest temperature of your machine, or not, the default temperature of the machine is 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, once again, the mode key, "SET"and "TEMP" are lit at the same time, set the maximum temperature you need to use (adjust the number by the "+" and"-"signs), and then press the "MODE" key again to set the time number. After the temperature and time are set, the machine temperature will stop rising by default to the lowest set temperature (there is a Didi sound prompt at this time). You need to press the start button on the rightmost side when the temperature stops (when the "SET" light is on), then the temperature will rise to the maximum temperature you set. 


Power: 100W
Voltage: 110V
Temperature range:0 - 500°F (0 - 260oC)

Approx. dimension & weight

Package Included:
1 x  Heat Press Machine