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AC180-250V 150/300/400W High Voltage Power Supply Output For Removing Smoke Lampblack

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This is a high voltage power supply, you can use it to generate a high voltage output. 

Main Features:
Shortcut Protection: When the positive output line and the negative output line are shorted, the output voltage will be cut off. 
Preventing Spark-over Protection: When the electrostatic field is generating a spark-over, the HV power supply will cut the output, after one second, the output will be restarted again, the preventing spark-over protection function can also be shut down by the potentiometers on the box, the preventing spark-over protection function is also closed, so the HV power supply can continuously generate the high voltage spark between the positive and negative line.
you can change the output voltage continuously with the potentiometer on the box.
Wide Application: The high voltage power supply high voltage electric field, electrostatic air cleaner, electrostatic field, clean smoke, air purifiers, air ionizer, etc.

Model CX-150A CX-300A CX-400A
Max Output Power 150W 300W 400W
Input Voltage 180V~250V(AC),50hz~60hz 180V~250V(AC),50hz~60hz 180V~250V(AC),50hz~60hz
Output Voltage 3KV~15KV(DC) (continuously) 5KV~30KV(DC) (continuously) 5KV~40KV(DC) (continuously)
Output Current 0~10mA 0~10mA 0~10mA
Arcing Distance ≤ 2cm ≤ 4cm ≤ 5cm
Size 240mm*120mm*70mm 240mm*120mm*70mm 240mm*1020mm*105mm
Weight 1KG 1.35KG 2.3KG
1. This is not for lab experiments.
2. But please know this item can only work 180V~260V(AC),50hz~60hz power supply, please make sure you have the right power supply for that.
3. Please make sure you have a stable load for it.
4. Please make sure the discharge distance of anode and cathode do not be over 5cm, Otherwise, the high-pressure package will be damaged and the output voltage will be reduced.
Package Includes:
1 x High Voltage Power Supply