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Electric Cleaning Mop Head Mop Cleaning Head for Dyson V7 V8 V10 V11 Vacuum Cleaner

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Electric Cleaning Mop Head Description:

The Advantages of our Electric Cleaning Mop Head Mop:

Main Features:

Kind Note:
1.Do not directly absorb water

2. Do not switch the Dyson vacuum cleaner to max gear, A and max gears will be out of power in 2-3 minutes; B and max gears are easy to produce.

3. Press the Dyson switch button dozens of times, and occasionally there will be no response when pressing the Dyson vacuum cleaner once. This is not a malfunction, but the protection circuit is triggered at this moment to protect the mop from burning and circuit damage. Press the Dyson switch more often. Button once or twice to continue running

4.When adding water to the sprinkler tank, use tap water and do not add solid substances such as soap, washing powder, etc., so as not to block the nozzle

5.When the new machine starts to run, please drag the satuo on the ground for 30 seconds to 5 minutes before there is water, analogous to tap water, there is water storage time

6. Please ensure that the water tank is full] If the new machine does not produce water 1. Remove the nozzle in the green area 2. Cover the detector in the red area with your finger 3. Press the Dyson switch button and move for 30 seconds- 5 minutes, check the water output of satuo

Applicable models: V7, V8 (V8slim), V10, V11
Unsuitable models: digital slim (V10slim), V12
Special note: V11 outsize series, outsize series and V15 series have just been launched, yet to be verified
Set list: body*1, the body comes with a rag*1, spare rag*2, manual*1, water bottle*1, spare nozzle*2
Product weight: 2.4kg
Color box size: 35*33*11.5cm
Bare machine size: 290*170*98mm
Water tank capacity: 160ml
Use time: depends on the vacuum cleaner
Maximum power: 15W
Voltage: DC2V

Package List:
1 x Electric Cleaning Mop Head