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Handheld Electric Vacuum Machine Vacuum Sealer Food Sealer for Food Savers

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The corrosion and deterioration of food are mainly caused by microbial activities, and most microbial activities require oxygen. Vacuum packaging is used to extend food shelf life by reducing the oxygen content in the package. This Handheld Electric Vacuum Machine can keep food fresher for up to five times longer, particularly useful for a picnic, camping, fishing, barbecue; Protects against freezer burn, spoilage, and odor. Packs fresh meat, fish, beans, vegetable, fruits, medicine, capsicum, chicken, cookies, dry food, lunches, leftovers, snacks, etc.

Main Features:

1. Environment-friendly ABS material. The electric vacuum sealer is small in size and takes up little space. It is convenient to use and can be carried with you.

2. The powerful nozzle is removable (with a replacement nozzle), easy to clean, and the nozzle also captures spilled liquid, keeping the bag neat and clean

3. Vacuum food storage bag can prolong the freshness of food by five times, maintain flavor, and save money by reducing food waste. The bag can be washed clean. It can be reused 10-15 times, used for frozen storage, sandwich bag, etc. In addition, the bag has a label design, easy to record.

4. Easy to use, with superior handheld performance, this battery-powered device will bring you powerful suction and you will be well rewarded. Shipment without batteries.

5. Household life: food vacuum preservation, health cupping, clothing compression bag can be pumped, air for the sphere, air travel mattress.

6. Good health: Can also do cupping at home, no open fire design single person also have the operation, suction Sha, cupping.


1. Simply place the food in a vacuum bag, then place it on a flat surface, and place the mouthpiece of the sealing machine on the sealing valve on the bag.

2. Press the device work button to remove air for about 10 seconds, depending on the amount of air in the bag.


Material: ABS+ electronic components

Product specification: 17*6*7.5cm

Package Size: 22.5*12*7cm

 Package Weight: 0.33

Package Included:

1 x  Vacuum machine

1 x USB cable 

1 x silica gel sealing head

1 x sealing clamp 

5 x sealing pocket (20x22cm) 

1 x  instruction