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Heavy Yoga Bungee Rope Set Elastic Band Set with Wearable Fixed Trousers Workout Gravity Training Tool Equipment for Home Gym Yoga

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60kg elastic band
80kg elastic band
100kg elastic band
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Wearable Fixed Trousers:

1. H-type ring clasp is designed with HE detachable sleeve to double ensure user safety. The end of the strap is reentrant to prevent the strap from slipping out of the buckle.

2. Multi-layer lock edge design: make the hook more wear-resistant, stronger and durable, precision weaved texture, so that safety upgrade, sector reinforcement lock edge, at the ease of use.

3. Breathable mesh design makes the user more comfortable, enables the skin to breathe freely, fine turning, and makes the use of edge reinforcement safer.

4. Fine lathe work, rectangular reinforced lock, ease of movement, free of constraints, breathable design makes the legs more comfortable and breathable.

Elastic Band:

1. No splicing integrated anti-break cloth to protect the resistance belt and users during stretching

2. Fine wrapping, do not worry about the problem that the lock can not be opened or stuck, alloy steel mountaineering lock, forging solid process.

Mountaineering Buckle:

1. High-end alloy steel.High strength and fall resistance, with anti-hook system design, more convenient to connect with the protection station.

2. Anti-slip nut, lock the locked door more smoothly during use, not easy to slip.

Wanxiang deduction :(random delivery)

1. Aluminum magnesium alloy is made of hot forging, featuring high strength and lightweight. The bearing can effectively support the rotation of the universal ring, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and improve its service life.

2. 30KN (about 3000kg)

Fixed Plate + Expansion Screw:

1. Fine iron material, strong bearing capacity, good endurance, high strength, and long service life.

2. It is suitable for conventional wall locking and not easy to fall off

110cm extension tape (chrysanthemum cord)

1. Nylon material, high strength, strong tension, low friction coefficient, the fine and uniform thread running, small pinhole, safe and firm

2. Single ring pull up to 3KN (about 300kg); overall pull up to 22KN(about 2200kg)

Multi-functional/multi-directional fitness

1. Suspension training, air training, strength training, recovery training, plastic training

2. Exercise hips, legs, arms, waist


Package: opp bag+ carton

Package Size: 29*17*19cm

Package Weight: 3.3/3.5/3.7kg

Package Included:

1 x 60kg/80kg/100kg Elastic Band

1 x Wearable Fixed Trousers

1 x Mountaineering Buckle

1 x Wanxiang Deduction(random delivery)

1 x 110cm Extension Tape

1 x Fixed Plate