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Industrial Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators With Silencer and Connector

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This Pneumatic vibrators use compressed air as a power source and consume a small amount of air, which is both safe and energy-saving. It is an ideal device for use in freezing or high-temperature environments, and it is small in size, has few problems, and is easy to install and maintain. Pneumatic vibrators are widely used in the food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, pesticide, feed, ceramics, glass, cement, fuel, and other powder processing industries, apply to the fatigue test of parts or structural parts; hopper shake, compaction; linear and bowl Feeders, screens and filters; shakers and mixing equipment.

Main Features:
  • A high-speed range and eccentric working moments are combined in these Vibrators to produce a powerful vibration. The body is made from an extruded stove enameled aluminum section and the hard-coated end plates enable the vibrator to be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The GT-turbine vibrators comply with current international noise regulations under factory test conditions
  • Vibration force can be adjusted according to air pressure, can immediately start, stop, fast, low noise, vibration force, safety
  • Highlights: Pneumatic vibrator to compressed air as a power source, low air consumption, both safe and energy-efficient, is used in a frozen or high-temperature environment, the ideal device, and its small size, less trouble, easy installation and maintenance
  • Wide Application: Suitable for material transport, vibration screening, hopper vibration, to help fill the packaging, casting sand mold vibration, widely used in food, medicine, chemicals, pesticides, feed, ceramics, glass, cement, fuel, and other powder processing industry
  • Package Included: 1 x Pneumatic Industrial Turbine Vibrator

The vibration is produced by the centrifugal force of the positive and negative unbalance moments in the rotor, the rotor is supported on two heavy-duty,pre-lubricated, matched shielded ball bearings, A special long-life grease ensures long working life. The inner and outer raceways of the bearings are designed so that the bearings can be easily replaced using only a pin-wrench. The endplates are fitted with right-and left-hand threads and self-locking.

1.Turbine type pneumatic vibrator
2.No lubrication only clean air is required
3.Low noise 60~75dBA
4.Compact size

Package Included:
1 x Pneumatic Industrial Turbine Vibrator