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LiveGo 110V Coffee Bean Grinder Multifunction Smash Machine Electric Cereals Grain Grinder for Home

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Multifunction Smash Machine Descriptions:
Lightweight and Safe: It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, lightweight, and free movement; it has the characteristics of simple operation, no vibration, low noise, electrical safety, etc. It is especially suitable for Chinese medicine clinics, hospital pharmacies, pharmacies, health products sales valet processing, crushing, research Institute, laboratory.

Efficient: high-power motor, four-blade serrated blade, rotary cutting, precise structure, low noise, can quickly crush all kinds of dehydrated food, rice, corn, sesame, soybean, fish feed, pepper, medicine, more uniform grinding.

Adjustable Grinding Time: As the driving force of the ultrasonic wave, the grinding speed is fast, the grinding time of Chinese medicine is not more than 3 minutes, the grinding time is less than 10 seconds, the timer switch can adjust the grinding time, and the automatically closed grinding is more convenient to use. Makes pepper noodles, chili powder, peanuts, seasonings, etc.
Easy to Use: The operation is simple, no special training is required for the personnel; the quick-opening free gear cover with cover, it is more convenient to press the latest button! Environmentally safe, the transparent cover design ensures that the grinding material can be seen when grinding, and the grinding time can be adjusted according to your needs.

Coffee Bean Grinder: Using polishing technology, it is smooth and easy to clean; crushing different drugs will never produce color and odor. Grinding chute and blade are made of stainless steel, many Chinese herbal medicines need iron to avoid. Not suitable for wet food.

Transparent cover: The transparent cover allows you to observe the grinding process to form a coarse or fine powder. Smooth and easy to clean; crushing different drugs will never produce color and odor.

Widely used in grinding: whole grains (soybeans, black rice, corn, etc.); Chinese medicine (ginseng, astragalus, etc.); coffee beans; vanilla seasoning; super-hard materials: pearls; oily materials (sesame, peanuts, etc.); fiber-containing materials (Lingzhi).

Material: Stainless steel
Product size: 11*17cm
Rated frequency: 50 HZ
Rated power: 200W
Rated voltage: 110V
Speed: 24000
Usage: semi-automatic

Kind Tips:

1. Operation instructions: In order to ensure the machine life and grinding effect, please intermittently use the working time, stop for about 5 seconds to weigh, and then continue to work, so repeated operation several times, until the ideal grinding degree

2. Cleaning instructions: use a clean rag to wipe the main machine and place it in the ventilated place for drying;Cover and stainless steel bucket can be washed

3.Important note: In order to prevent the motor from water damage, the main engine part should not be cleaned with water

Package Included:

 1 x Smash Machine