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LiveGo Crystal Transparent Kalimba Thumb Piano 17 Key Kalimba Finger Piano for Beginner

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The Maintenance Tips of Thumb Piano:

1. Please put the piano into the piano bag in dry or high-temperature weather. Remember not to be exposed to the sun.

2. After playing the piano, clean the sweat and hand lines on the keys with a clean cloth or cotton towel to avoid rust;

3. Do not put it in the air-conditioned room, do not close to the central heating, cold and hot is very easy to harm the piano.

4. Don't let the piano get wet. Don't wash your hands or touch the piano before they are dry.

The Crystal Transparent Kalimba Thumb Piano Descriptions:

Material: crystal acrylic, formed and polished in one body, more stable mechanism, not easy to wear and run sound

Keys: ore metal keys, toughened; The height of the keys is moderate from the surface of the piano, and the thickness of the golden piano body is moderate.

Portable:  Our 17 Key Kalimba Finger Piano is small and delicate, which is easy to carry. It can be put into the bag of thumb, anytime and anywhere easy to play wonderful musical instruments.

Perfect Gift: The sleek body gives a comfortable feeling and shows the exquisite craft between the square inch. This crystal transparent kalimba thumb piano easy to learn to get started. It is the perfect gift for sending a girlfriend, children and friend.

Suitable for The Beginner: With its own phonetic symbol, it can get started quickly. The notes are clearly carved on each key. Beginners can learn the piano faster.


Product Size: 23 x18.5 x 8cm

Weight: 0.9

Package Included:

1x  Kalimba Thumb Piano

1 x Tune Hammer

1 x Letter and Number Sticker 

1x Cleaning Cloth

1 x English Instruction

1x  Storage Canvas Bag