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LiveGo Foldable Mommy Bag Diaper Bag Backpack with Changing Station

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Foldable Mommy Bag Description:

1. Baby-grade dirty resistant mother is more assured to choose materials, clean dirty resistant fabrics, multi-function and large capacity, a variety of layers, to keep the wet and dry diapers open separately, Bottles, diapers, baby wipes, umbrellas, water bottles or more items in side pockets;2 Extensified Insulation Pockets for 5 oz to 11 oz wide neck or high

Baby bottle storage;

2. Not only the mommy bag but also the convenient baby bed: zipper can be folded, the mommy bag mode can be closed, the baby bed mode can be unfolded, and the built-in bracket can be built.Complimentary sponge pad;The collapsible crib and soft cushions are very lightweight and can be changed anywhere and provide a comfortable rest space for the baby.

3. The bed is equipped with mosquito net, which is very suitable for outdoor camping. It can prevent mosquitoes, insects, bees and flying insects, and it is easy to protect from insect bites. Ideal for allergic babies.Can ensure the safety of the baby;

4. Innovatively designed backpack with built-in charging data line and external charging interface;There is no need to "save" electricity for long-distance travel, and the production of mobile phones allows the battery to last outside

5. Conveniency: Our lightweight diaper bag can be filled with boy/girl items and can be used as a backpack, tote bag and tote bag.It can also be hung on

Baby buggy.Elegant, suitable for shopping, travel and many other occasions.

Main Features:

Double independent milk silo, 20 inch large capacity, built-in dry and wet separation, convenient crib bag.Independent bottle storage, pre-bottle position, constant temperature aluminum foil material, long-term heat preservation, refuse cold milk.Bottle compartment can easily hold mineral water, easily qualified for various types of bottles, three bottle compartment can easily hold a variety of 240ML fat and thin bottles

Baby rations are isolated from the main storehouse, clean and sanitary, bottle storehouse aluminum foil long-term thermal insulation material, long-term constant temperature, the baby can go out to drink warm milk

Decompressor breathable back system: the widened shoulder strap with curves is designed according to ergonomics to make the weak lumbar spine more relaxed and comfortable, and considerate care

Thicken and widen the shoulder strap, reduce pressure and reduce burden, honeycomb mesh elastic cotton, comfortable and breathable

Baby buggy connection buckle, bag again heavy also not afraid, let travel more effort

Lightweight lightweight fabric light travel is about the weight of a bottle of 550ML mineral water

Lock handle: easy to handle, combined with zipper leakproof double safety with easy fastener, smooth zipper, double end zipper, free pull, reduce the trouble of stuck chain.Fine woven thread is load-bearing, firm and pull resistant

Anti-pull buckle high strength PP plastic comfortable shoulder strap 5CM sponge shoulder strap soft breathable ball.


Color: black, blue, red, gray

Material: cationic fabric, PVC waterproof layer, pure cotton interlining, aluminum foil insulation cotton

Backpack capacity: 25-30L

Backpack size: 42*33*28cm

Mattress size: 30*73cm

Bed size: 32*73*26cm

Packing size: 42*33*10cm

Weight: 1.4kg

Package List;

1 x Mommy Bag