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LiveGo Portable DAB Radio Black Digital Radio with 2.4 Inches Screen for Home Used

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LiveGo Portable DAB Radio Description:
1. DAB is the third generation of broadcasting after AM and FM traditional analog broadcasting-digital signal broadcasting. Its appearance is a revolution in broadcasting technology. Digital audio broadcasting not only transmits audio, but also transmits related information (road conditions, weather, news, etc.), and even transmits images. In addition to strong anti-jamming and anti-interference capabilities, the transmitted signal attenuation is also low, so that the transmission and transmission distance of digital broadcasting stations can be longer and the coverage rate is wider. It provides CD-level stereo sound quality that can reach "crystal-transparent" audiophile-level sound quality. It is especially suitable for broadcasting "classical music", "symphonic music", "pop music", etc., and is extremely popular with professional musicians, music enthusiasts and audiophiles. Sought after by enthusiasts!

2. The biggest difference between DAB and traditional broadcasting (FM, AM), in addition to DAB's transmission quality and technology of CD sound quality, DAB also has the ability to receive multimedia information, including text, data, pictures, images, and even real-time information updates. Therefore, the application of DAB is not limited to audio broadcast services, but more importantly, Data Broadcasting services. 

Product model: DAB-PC1
Product Category: Radio
Sound quality: stereo
Number of stations stored: 20
Signal to noise ratio: -99 dB
Function: FM, DAB, Bluetooth 
Rated voltage: DC 5V
Rated power: 10W
Rated frequency: 174Hz
Material: ABS
Adjustment display: digital display
Channel: Multi-channel
Size: 120*64*24 mm
Support format: MP3
Screen size: 2.4 inches
Battery: Built-in battery. (5 hours of battery life)
Accessories: USB charging cable (without charging head)

Package Include:
1x radio
1x USB cable
1x manual