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LiveGo Smart Glass Cleaner Robotic Window Cleaning Automatic Robot with Remote Control for Interior/Exterior Highrise Windows/ Glass

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Window Cleaning Automatic Robot Description:

  • Safety and Intelligence - The dual-motor vacuum exhaust technology makes the machine stick to the window effectively and powerfully, and will not fall easily. Built-in safety battery, even if the power is turned off, it will not stop working immediately. Equipped with edge detection technology, it can automatically identify boundaries or obstacles.
  • Intelligent Operating System - (REMOTE CONTROL), One key to select the work mode that works immediately, you can select three automatic modes of movement tracks, and can automatically clean the entire window.
  • Deep Cleaning Effect - Large area square wipes, in order to achieve a fast and effective cleaning effect. Suitable for windows, mirrors, walls, desktops, etc.
  • Easy To Use - It is easy to use and operate. Just follow the steps in the manual, tie the safety rope and connect the power supply, turn on the power and use the remote control to make the machine work. It stops automatically after the work is over.

Six  Measures to Guarantee:

1.3000pa, vacuum adsorption, firmly hold;

2.4 groups of anti-safe fall induction, escort;

3.6kg safe load-bearing, not easy to fall;

4.20min emergency battery life, not afraid of power failure.

5.50kg safety rope load-bearing, safety protection.

6.4m power extension cord, worry-free cleaning of large windows.

Cleaning speed: 2 minutes per square meter
Indicator light: red light-abnormal condition of the machine; blue light-normal operation of the machine; green light-fully charged; orange light-charging
Cleaning mode: three different modes
1. Z mode: horizontal glass wipes from left to right; 2. N mode: vertical glass, wipes from bottom to top; 3. Auto mode: N first, then Z double cleaning mode
Product size: 250*250*95mm (L*W*H)
Electrical parameters: 100-240V/AC, 50Hz/60Hz 80W 500mAn (lithium battery)
Detection window cabinet: automatic
Fall prevention control: UPS uninterruptible power supply/safety rope
Adsorption method: vacuum adsorption
Control method: infrared remote control
Package Size:330*250*110mm
Package weight:2.4kg

Package Included:
1 x Window Cleaning Automatic Robot
1 x Remote
1 x Safety rope
1 x Power adapter+DC extension cord
1 x AC cord
1 x  Spray bottle
1 x User manual
4 x Cleaning cloth