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LiveGo Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Silicone Electric Vibrating Facial Cleanser for Deep Cleaning Exfoliating Massaging

9 levels of deep facial cleansing,the essence is shaken in
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 Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush Description:

1. Unique cleansing brush: super hygienic soft silicone rubber appearance can provide the softest and gentlest facial cleansing and massage for all normal skin

2. Keep young skin forever: Deep cleansing makes your facial skin look younger and more beautiful, full of vitality and self-confidence;
  It can also remove stubborn makeup, deeply clean the pores, and reduce blackheads with the greatest strength and the least strength;

3. Portable and inductive charging: compact design can be easily held and carried out; use a separate handheld device for facial cleaning,
   In addition, it is equipped with USB cable charging and docking equipment, it only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge, and it can be used 300 times

4. Facial massage and waterproof: This device is IPX7 waterproof, can be used in showers and bathtubs, every time you use sonic facial cleanser to clean your face and massage,
  Will increase collagen and promote blood circulation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and restore skin firmness;

5. Exquisite gifts: provide perfect gifts for your mother, wife, best friend or special person, give them beauty and make them more confident.

Main Features:

  • 3 minutes to exfoliate, wash away tired face, clean + import, two in one
  • Traditional cleansing: hands cannot be done in one step, sponges are easy to absorb bacteria, and cleansing brushes cannot clean deeply
  • Choose M6 temperature-sensing cleansing device to solve your facial worries. It is not just a facial cleanser or a beauty device
  • Can effectively deep clean pores, long-term oil control, exfoliation, suppress acne, shrink pores
  • Ordinary cleansing: can't deep clean, makeup remover can't clean completely, residual stains will affect the skin and block pores
  • Deep cleansing: It can better open pores, dredge internal blockages, cleanse the face more thoroughly, and make skin care more effective

Three modes:
1 Cleansing mode (constant light): 9 levels to adjust deep cleansing
2 nanometer import mode (breathing light): 9-speed vibration speed + deep import
3 Skin rejuvenation mode (red light always on): constant temperature 45 degrees hot compress + relieve skin fatigue。

Instructions for use:
Long press the power button to turn on: the default cleansing mode, the vibration intensity can be changed (during use, it will be intelligently reminded to change the cleansing area every 15 seconds)
Short press once to turn on the key: enter the import mode, vibration frequency plus 45 degrees heat import (during use, it will intelligently remind you to change the import area every 15 seconds)
Short press twice to turn on the key: enter the skin rejuvenation mode, 45 degrees constant temperature heat compress (no smart reminder)

Name: Silicone Electric Vibrating Facial Cleanser
Color: green/pink
Main material: silicone + plastic + aluminum
Main process: electroplating
Battery capacity: 400mAh
Power: 3W
Working voltage: 3.7V
Charging method: USB charging
Product size: 10.5*6.5*3.5CM
Product weight: about 80G
Package Weight : 161G

Packing List: 
1 x Silicone Electric Vibrating Facial Cleanser
1 x manual
1 x base, 
1 x charging cable