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P18-GPS Intelligent multi-function Inclinometer New Upgrade Car HUD HD Head-up Display

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1.LCD LCD wide temperature screen, good at texture: adopt customized gauge high-temperature resistant imaging components, COB packaging to form an integrated light surface source, uniform heating of the luminous surface, high efficiency and energy saving.

2. Shape design: A. Elliptical three-dimensional circular design makes the body more smooth.B. Concave-convex four-ring runway design with clear hierarchy.C. CD LCD screen makes the picture more colorful.

Function Introduction:

1.LCD: Automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the intensity of external light.

2. Safe driving reminder: The digital speed display is accurate and fully automatic to detect the driving condition of the vehicle.If you drive for 4 hours continuously, there will be an alarm. If you exceed 120km/h, there will be an alarm

3. Digital hour hand, visual display: Satellite automatic authorization digital hour hand, automatic calibration of visual display time.

4. Mileage: The actual driving distance from the vehicle's inflatable cushion to the destination.

5. Driving time: Display the driving time in real-time and master the time of the road section.

6. Number of GPS satellites: GPS search for satellite signals, number of satellites.

7. Altitude: It is equipped with a high-precision satellite altitude instrument and multi-channel high-performance GPS chip to provide data

8.GPS compass, longitude, and latitude: GPS satellite positioning technology, ferromagnetic interference of customer vehicles, fully support longitude and latitude coordinate collection.

9. Slope meter: roll Angle and pitch Angle (40° -- -40°); Free rotation is adopted to monitor the roll Angle and pitch Angle in real-time. When exceeding the dangerous value, an alarm is given to ensure the up-down slope and left-right incline. The slope should not exceed 40°.

Installation Method:

1. Suspension of column A (suction cup 360°).2. Traditional central control placement

Multiple modes on the screen interface, one-click switch:

1. Speed + altitude + driving time + driving distance + hour hand + voltage + NUMBER of GPS satellites + decorative ICONS + slope instrument + electronic compass

2. Speed + altitude + longitude + latitude + hour hand + voltage + NUMBER of GPS satellites + slope instrument + electronic compass

3. Speed + decorative lights + slope meter + electronic compass

4. Speed + slope meter + electronic compass + fatigue driving reminder

5. Speed + decorative lights + altitude + driving time + driving distance + hour hand + voltage + NUMBER of GPS satellites

6. Speed + altitude + driving time + driving distance + hour hand + voltage + NUMBER of GPS satellites

7. Speed + decorative lights

8. The speed of the car


Power supply: 5 v

Operating temperature: -40° -- 80°

Alarm sound level :>=30dB(A)

Product size: 186x75x40mm

Packing box size: 21x14.5x5cm

Full weight: 450g

Functions: speed, pitch Angle, roll Angle, compass, clock, number of GPS stars searching, coordinates, latitude and longitude, altitude, voltage, travel time, and mileage

Alarm: Speed alarm fatigue driving icon reminder

Package Included:
1 X Intelligent multi-function Inclinometer
  • 1 X Car Charging Wire, 

  • 1 X Suction Cup, 

  • 1 X Instruction Manual, 

  • 1 X3M Glue