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Portable Cooler Flask Reefer DISON Refrigerated Cup

304 stainless steel
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Our portable cooler Help people solve travel problems at extreme temperatures. For people who use temperature-sensitive medicine, traveling in hot weather is confrontation and struggle with the weather. Whether you are on a short commute, or a long journey, or even travel around the world, in the European streets of the Sahara Desert, Amazon Rainforest, and Midsummer, our products are not afraid of high temperatures, and every insulin user deserves an insulin cooler.

Main Features:
【Premium material】Premium 304 stainless steel cup liner and imported cold storage material provide a classy look and high-performance insulin container.
【Efficient refrigeration】At 40°C ambient temperature, digital display. Freeze 6 hours can keep the cup inside temperature at 2-8°C for 24 hours.
【Portable Size】This mini refrigerator has a slim and fashionable body, it's enough to store 1 injection pens and 4pcs cartridges, very convenient to carry when traveling. It can be carried on airplanes, trains, and cars.

How to use

Put the Cold storage bottle in the freezer then frozen for 6-8 hours, after that take it out aside for 5-10 minutes, then put the frozen Cold storage bottle in cooler cup, and it will work.

Kind Tips for Traveling with your Bag:

Travel with a copy of your prescription AND a letter from your doctor with details of your medication (including its generic name, not just the brand name and the name of the health condition that you need the medication for). As well as helping you avoid any problems at customs, this will be useful if you need medical help while you're away.

Material: 304 stainless Steel/Silicone
Inside Size:16.5*6.5cm
Refrigeration space:16.8*2.7cm 
Color: Gentlemen black/Elegant white

Package Included:
1x cooler cup
1x coolant
1x emergency bottle
2x pen bags