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Portable Frozen Slimming Machine Fat Reduction Instrument Mini Frozen Fat Machine for Home

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Working Principle :

This slimming machine  take advantage of the intolerance of cold of triglyceride, to dissolve the fat tissues by non-invasive cold energy precisely. The fat tissues would dissolve and expel from body by metabolic process. And it is non-invasive, so it won ` t hurt the other part of our body. It is a best way to lose weight and shape your perfect body, it also can firm and tighten you body!


Main Functions:

  • Remove intractable cellulite.

  • Shift fat tissues and firming skin.

  • Remove fine lines and eliminate edema.

  • Shape a perfect and confidant body !



  • This slimming machine adopt fine copper to conduct cold, air- cooling system to conduct heat dissipation.

  • this slimming machine only aim at fat cells, it won ` t damage your skin or other parts of your body.

  • No side effect, no convalescence, and easy operation.

  • During the treatment, you will feel relative comfortable.



  • People who has wound are not allow to use this machine.

  • Pregnant women can ` t use this machine.

  • People who has metal inside their body are not allow to use.

  • People who implants spun gold are not allow to use.

  • Women who are in menstruation are not allow to use.

  • People who has congenital heart diseases are not allow to use this machine.

  • People who are taking hormone medicines are not allow to use this machine.

  • During the treatment, please avoid Three High food, and eat mild food.

  • This cooling slimming machine must be use with Cryolipolysis membrane .


  • Display screen: Nixie tube

  • Treatment temperature:5 to -8 degree

  • Refrigerating medium: air cooling system

  • Treatment time: 1-30mins

  • GW.: 1.65kg

  • Package size: 26.5* 24.5*8.5cm

  • Product weight: 0.65kg

  • Product size: 20*13*7cm

  • Input voltage: AC12V

  • Power: <65W

Package Included:
1 x Portable Frozen Slimming Machine Kit(The same as the picture)