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Quartz Glass Cutting Table ITO Conductive Glass Cutter for Laboratory Use

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1.The laboratory ultra-thin glass cutter has the advantages of simple operation, high cutting precision, convenient carrying, and long service life.
2.It is suitable for cutting ITO conductive glass, FTO conductive glass, AZO conductive glass, an ultra-thin glass substrate, and silicon glass.
3.The entire device of the cutter is made of aluminum alloy, which makes the whole cutter beautiful in appearance and long in service life.

Main Features:
1. Fine cutting, the minimum scale is 0.5mm
2.Aluminum alloy table top is not deformed
3.Graphite bearings are smooth without maintenance.
4.Professional custom knife wheel cutting, good cut

Cutter size:350*250mm(GL-912535)/500*470mm (GL-913545)
Cutting size: GL-912535(200*250mm), 400*500mm(GL-913545)
Cutting accuracy: <0.5mm
Cutting thickness: equipped with 0.4-2mm and 1-7mm glass cutting heads.(Adjustable, customizable quartz, TFT, borosilicate professional cutting head)

When cutting glass, the strength of the knife is very important. It is best to do it in one go. Do not have scratch joints, otherwise, it will cause the glass to break.

Package Included:
1X Laboratory Use Glass cutter