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Rechargeable 4000mAh Searchlight Handheld Camping Flashlight LED Light for Outdoor

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Rechargeable 4000mAh Searchlight Handheld Camping Flashlight  LED Light for Outdoor

1. The product's tail power indicators can ensure the power when using, convenient to charge in time.
2. Dustproof and waterproof cover, the external interface part of the product adopts a closed design, which can be opened during use to prevent dust and rain from entering.
3. Handle wire box, comfortable handle design, internal space can be opened, easy to place charging cable and other accessories to prevent loss.
4. Hidden hang buckle, equipped with 2 hidden hang buckles, can adapt to different use environments, does not affect the overall appearance and carrying. Product advantages: suitable for camping in the wild, emergency lighting, maintenance testing, night fishing, survival adventure, night work and other environments.

Product Name: Portable LED Searchlight
Product weight:400g
material: ABS+plastic
Battery capacity: 4000 mAh
Power form: Charging
Power: 20 watts
Light source form: LED
Applicable environment: caving, daily carrying, camping, patrolling, teaching, hunting, hiking, searching, self-defense, night fishing, night riding
Maximum range: 200m
360-degree rotatable handle for different needs, portable, hangable and configurable.
Package Included:
1*Camping Flashlight
1*USB charging cable