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Schumann Wave Generator ELF 7.83HZ Pulse Generator Pulser Tesla Wave Generator

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Schumann wave generator is essentially an extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic wave. According to the Light Speed = Wavelength multiplied by Frequency(v = λ*f), then the wavelength of the 7.83HZ electromagnetic wave is 383,000 kilometers, it is very close to the earth's circumference of 400,000 fact, Tesla waves are inherent properties in geophysical characteristics. If an electromagnetic resonant cavity is formed between the surface and the ionosphere, and the natural frequency of this resonant cavity is 7.83HZ.

Schumann wave itself is not directly acting on the sound or video products to improve the quality of sound quality, but the role of the space environment, people's physical and mental relaxation, improve the body's perception of sound and images, improve the health of the human body to improve the efficiency of work, mental stress also have a better effect.

Main Features:
LING LIFETIME: A full charge can be used continuously for about 8 months to 1 year. The normal service life is expected to be 3-5 years.
HELP SLEEP: The Schumann wave can help create a relaxed atmosphere, making people calm and comfortable. It helps to improve sleeping quality, relieve insomnia, relieve fatigue and restore physical and mental health.
PREMIUM QUALITY: This Schumann wave generator is a 7.83HZ very-low-frequency generator, which features high accuracy and stability. The premium material ensures its durability, precision with a long service life

Charging Method: Type-C mobile phone 5V charger
Indicator meaning:  Blue light: working and the blue light flashes 7.83 times per second
                                    Red Light: charging;
                                    Green Light: fully charged
Power: 100mw
Operating Distance: within a radius of 3 meters.

How to use:
 The mechanism of action is too metaphysical, and customers should explore and apply on their own, without specific usage guidelines.

Package Included:
1x A 7.83HZ frequency generator