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Window Speaker,Intercom System for Business,Dual Way Voice Intercom,Bank Counter Interphone for Office,Station,School

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Suitable for the Bank,Securities Company,Hospital,Station ect.where the Burglar-proof glazing is installedThe main unit has aluminum alloy shell,and the extension has built-in speaker, This system has simple connection for DIY operationThis system has top-quality speaker and high-sensitive microphone.Especially the metal tube microphone is deal for the counter and the dual-way intercommunicationThe voice from the system is clear and natural There is a swith only for the volume controlFor this system. We adopted the advanced microcomputer from USA Track-interlock technique ensures the stable performance without noise and side-tone

  • Adopting two-way voice intercom communication technology, automatically recognize and process language signals, no operation is required during the conversation.
  • Automatic call control technology, the integrated design of the microphone and speaker of the external machine, and the first-line connection with the host, easy installation.
  • It can output both internal and external sound signals, adopt stereo socket output mode, and have a recording function that is not controlled by the power switch and various function buttons.Suppression noise processing chip, with automatic noise suppression function, effectively improve the noise.
  • The auxiliary machine can be hung on the wall or attached to the glass through the double-sided adhesive tape delivered.Two-channel adjustment, with channel dynamic indicator, more convenient to use.
  • The internal volume knob and external sound knob can adjust the internal and external volume separately. The two green indicators IN above the regulator during intercom indicate that the host speaks, and when the light is out, the secondary speak.


Working voltage:DC9VMost working current:600mA 
Main sound box,sub-sound box:2w-2w 100Hz-15KHz
Inside microphone:-48db±2db 20Hz-20KHz
Outside microphone:-48db±2db 20Hz-16KHz
Frequency response:100Hz-12KHz
Destop unit dimensions:182*120*56(mm)
Wall mount unit dimensions:61*85*24(mm)The speaker cord is 191cm

Package Included
1 x Host (inside) 
1 x Vice machine (outside)
1 x AC Adapter

Simple Trouble Solution

1. Noise. The sound insulation of the installation environment is too poor. The cargo environment is too noisy. The distance between the host and the auxiliary machine should be increased or the volume should be turned down.
2. Silent. The power cord is not plugged in or loosened. The 12v transformer should be inserted into the jack of the host (power supply). The volume knob is not turned up. Adjust the volume knob clockwise to turn up the sound.
3. Cut off the sound. The speaker is too far from the microphone, should be closer (less than 20cm is the ideal distance)

Installation Notes

1. The main machine is placed on the workbench and is used by the staff. The auxiliary machine is attached to the glass outside the workbench and used by the customer. The auxiliary machine is inserted into the main machine plug hole.
2. Insert the power cord transformer into the power box, and the DC plug into the power interface of the host.
3. After checking that all plugs and jacks are correctly connected, turn on the power switch on the main unit, and the power indicator lights.
4. Gradually adjust the volume condition knob on the main unit from low to high to make the volume of the inner and outer volume suitable.
5. Speak into the microphone on the workbench, and the sound will be broadcast from the outside auxiliary machine, accompanied by the IN indicator light.
6. Speaking to the sub-machine, the sound is broadcast by the main machine in the work, and the indicator light with OUT will light up.