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Winter Motorcycle Cover Outdoor Fleece Warm Hood for Windproof Warmer

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1. Thermal locking: Double-layer fabric temperature locking design, waterproof outer layer lycra, thickened inner warm shake grain fleece

2. Splash water experiment: A. Surface lycra fabric to block the cold outside air;B. PU film-covered barrier water infiltration;C. Inner fleece to keep warm

3. Lengthening design to prevent air leakage: lengthening design of hem, overall neck protection, warm and windproof

4. Built-in KN95 filter: 5 layers of protection, layer upon layer filtration

A. Breathable plastic layer: filter large particles and protective filter layer materials

B. Melt spraying cloth: assist to filter smaller micron flying dust

C. Activated carbon: Remove odors

D. Molten spray reinforcing layer: to strengthen the filtration of dust particles PM2.5

E. Non-woven fabrics in the inner layer: the materials of the contact layer and the protective filter layer are breathable, comfortable and not dirty

5. Breathable and not stuffy

6. Colorful reflection of logo: cool and beautiful, it plays a warning role at night

7. With helmet: Cycling, skiing, climbing and other dual protection outdoor activities more convenient

8. Double hole breathing valve, adjustable nose clip


1. Adjustable nose clip, double hole breathing valve 2. Add velvet inside 3. The built-in filter


 color: black, gray

Material: Lycra +TPU coating + inner granulated velvet

Head circumference: 20*38cm in the middle

 Package Weight: 0.12 kg

Packaging: OPP bags

Package Size: 16*13cm

Package Included:

1 x Winter Motorcycle Cover